Our Family are proud to have been in the restaurant/catering industry for over 30 Years, with experience gathered from a young age.

Perfecting our family’s recipes going back generations, we also work hard to present you with new dishes which our customers are starting to call legendary. We use the finest ingredients in all our dishes.

We have also gone a step further than other vietnamese stores and over the last 5 years, perfected the art of making fresh banh mi’s from scratch daily.

Healthy Vietnamese

Vietnamese cuisine is well known for being inherently healthy and full of flavour. Vietnamese dishes often use ‘healing’ spices including lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, and garlic.

History of Banh Mi

Vietnam is a country historically torn by war, invasions and colonialism. It changed the modern landscape and heavily influenced the food that Vietnamese people cooked and ate.  The Banh Mi itself was heavily influenced by the french during the war, which the vietnamese perfected with the crunchy outer crust and the fluffiness on the inside. This is regarded as the most popular baguette in the world, from America to Australia and now the United Kingdom.

…Hopefully see you soon?

Restaurant Hire

Hire one of our restaurants during the evenings or weekdays for private parties or events, please drop us an email for more information.